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I am a graphic designer, illustrator and appreciator of all things creative. Currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, but call my home the world. Meeting new people and sharing their brands stories through design is my ultimate desire.  I have spent 15+ years assisting in the formation of hundreds of companies and witnessing first hand how design and branding can assist or hinder the overall success of a business

My Work


Hammock Breeze - Packaging

A drink for the regular socialites who enjoy a deep flavor without the hangover. With a branding concept that feels happy but also evokes a sense of relaxation. Vibrant colors, a type lockup that goes with the flow and an inviting logo to help you remember to enjoy the good times.

Wander & Wonder - Magazine Cover/Spread Layout

Wander & Wonder is a magazine for the travelers who enjoy taking the roads less traveled - embracing the unconventional destinations of the world. With a design to match the subject matter.

WellMe - App Design 

UI design for a mobile app. Aimed at those who want assistance on their journey to a healthy mind.

Otro Turno - Branding

Otro Turno in Spanish means Another Turn. This was a brand for a local used bookstore in the beautiful neighborhood of Roma, located in Mexico City Playing on the curious nature of readers, the brand invites you to discover something new with a turn of the page. Using a color pallet found most often around the neighborhood which itself was an important anchor point for the overall design.

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